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Landmines To Avoid When Purchasing a Dental Practice (And More!)

  • by Wes Read CPA, CFP®
  • October 14, 2022

Purchasing a dental practice is a complicated process full of potential landmines. In this episode, we interview Joanne Tanner, a 30-year veteran of practice management consulting and dental buyer support services. Joanne and Wes discuss what “due diligence” actually mean when purchasing a dental practice. What reports should be reviewed. What are the indicators of potential opportunities or challenges. What is the difference between financial and clinical due diligence. Whether or not to purchase the AR and how. What’s the cost of losing Delta Premier in-network reimbursement rates. How to approach the employees of the practice as a new dental practice owner. And lastly, we finish off with our thought on implementing a leadership program with the practice.

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