Seasoned Owners

The Stories of Thriving Practice Owners: La Costa Dental Excellence

  • by Drew Phillips, CPA, and CFO Advisor
  • March 7, 2022

We're excited to introduce the first episode of our new series "The Stories of Thriving Practice Owners". In this new series, our listeners will get first-hand accounts from practice owners that have dedicated their lives to both clinical excellence and best business practices. Our first episode is a family affair. We have a trio of dentists that are more than co-practice owners, they're a thriving family. I'm excited to introduce you all to the Dankworth family.  We have Drs. Stephen, Kimberly, and Piper Dankworth; owners and founders of La Costa Dental Excellence. Stephen and Kimberly built their practice on the pillars of function, health, and aesthetics. Each member of this family embodies both the drive for clinical excellence and a knack for savvy business practices. I'm excited for you all to hear their story.

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