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The Serial Dental Entrepreneur with Dr. Mark Costes

  • by Wes Read CPA, CFP®
  • November 22, 2023

There's nothing overly complex about the business of owning a dental practice. And while anybody who’s graduated from dental school can understand the operational side of running a practice, you still need to take the time to learn how it all works. Dr. Mark Costes is Founder and CEO of The Dental Success Institute, a coaching program that helps dentists become more knowledgeable, more profitable and more fulfilled in their careers. On this episode of The Dental Boardroom, Dr. Costes joins host Wes Read to explain how associates can design their own internship in the business of running a practice—even if they’re working for a DSO. Dr. Costes discusses the importance of identifying a purpose beyond money, describing how Smile Outreach International affords him fulfillment now that he’s achieved financial freedom. Listen in as Dr. Costes shares the business framework he used to grow his practice from one dental office to 16 and learn where to go for coaching in the business of scaling your own dental practice!

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