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The Secret to Converting Over 85% of Full Arch Dental Implant Cases

  • by Drew Phillips, CPA, and CFO Advisor
  • May 18, 2021

In this weeks episode of the Associates on Fire podcast we have two very special guests on the show, Dr. Howard Feffer, and his all-star daughter, Stacy Feffer. The topic today is such a fascinating one, and it's also one that has the power to create the practice and life you've likely been dreaming of for years, and one that drives real, sustainable profitability. I'm talking about case acceptance, but not in the boring or unproductive way you've likely heard it before. Right now, if you all took a hard and honest look at your conversion rates on higher-end full arch dental implant cases, you're successful conversion rate is probably somewhere below 30%. When looking at case acceptance from a financial math perspective, a 20% increase in overall case acceptance leads to a 100% increase in your bottom line profits, so pretty powerful stuff. Stacy and Howard are going to give us the inside scoop on the system they've built to close all-on-four and full arch dental implant cases at an 80% rate or higher. If you're interested after the show, you can learn more about Stacy and Howard's program at or

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